The current management has been appointed by the General Meeting and Board of Directors of Ansaldo Energia on 16th January 2017 until 2018 financial statements’ approval



​Guido Rivolta was appointed CEO and General Manager of CDP Equity (Cassa Depositi e Prestiti Group) in April 2016. Since February 2018, he is also Chairman of Ansaldo Energia. Guido Rivolta joined CDP Equity (previously Fondo Strategico Italiano) in March 2012 as Investment Director and member of the Investment Committee. In 2015, he was promoted Business Director with direct responsibility on Investment and Portfolio Management. He also serves as Board Member of several portfolio companies, among which, besides Ansaldo Energia, Open Fiber, Bonifiche Ferraresi, Inalca, Kedrion and Valvitalia. Previously, he worked in the industrial sector at Valeo Group (in France and UK), Piaggio&C. and Pirelli and, in the financial and services sector at Ambienta SGR and McKinsey. Guido holds a Master Degree in Mechanical Engineering from “Politecnico di Milano”, where he graduated with honors in 1988. He also studied General Management at the CEDEP – European Center For Executive Development - Fontainebleau (F).



​Giuseppe Zampini has been Ansaldo Energia CEO from 2001 until January 2017. Working from the outset in the power generation sector, he started his career in 1972 at Progettazione Meccaniche Nucleari, before moving on to Nira Spa where he acquired international experience on specific projects. After these experiences in the field of nuclear power, in 1989 he was appointed to head the Ansaldo Division responsible for energy and steam production plants (cogeneration). Then in 1990/95 he set up and managed Ansaldo Industria of America, acquiring experience in the field of project financing. He joined Ansaldo Energia in 1997 as General Manager and was appointed CEO in 2001. Zampini is alsoPresident of Aspe (Federazione ANIE) Member of ASME.



Claudio Nucci born in Arezzo in 1956, graduated in nuclear engineering at Pisa University. Working in power generation sector from 1982, starting from nuclear sector in Nira SpA (Ansaldo Group). From 1988 in Ansaldo SpA Project Manager for conventional power generation projects in China. From 1989 to 1995, in  Ansaldo Industria and in Ansaldo Industria of America Inc.,  Engineering, Development, Procurement and Proposal Coordinator as well as Project Manager for  Cogeneration Gas Turbine Combined Cycle Projects in USA. In 1995 Manager of Cost Estimating, Planning and Cost Control Department of the Cogeneration and Renewable Energy Business Unit in Ansaldo Industria. From 1995 to 1999 Manager of Projects for Cogeneration Combined Cycle and Waste to Energy Projects in Ansaldo Industria and Ansaldo Energia. In Ansaldo Energia from 1999 to 2002 as Project Management Director and from 2002 to 2004 Head of Project Management Department. From 2004 to 2016 General Manager in Ansaldo Energia. He is currently  Chief Operating Officer and Executive Vice President New Units in Ansaldo Energia as well as Chairman of Ansaldo Gas Turbine Technology Ltd. (China) and Ansaldo Nucleare.


Stefano Gianatti is currently Ansaldo Energia's Executive Vice President for Global Service. Stefano and his diverse team are responsible for delivering a multi-OEM platform portfolio of service solutions leveraging advanced technologies that satisfy their customer's needs.  Prior to Ansaldo, Stefano worked for GE Oil & Gas in Italy for 12 years, accepting roles of increasing responsibilities before becoming the General Manager of their European Operations.  In 2005, he joined Ansaldo Energia first as the Commercial Director of Service, then VP of Sales & Marketing and in 2011, promoted to Senior VP of Service.  In 2016, with the acquisition and integration of Alstom Power's divested assets, Stefano was appointed to his current position.

Stefano received his Bachelors of Science degree in Engineering from Politecnico di Milano and his Master's degree in Information & Communication Technology (ICT) from Cefriel – Politecnico di Milano.


Francesco Maestri graduated from Genoa University with a degree in Mechanical Engineering. He began his career in the nuclear industry and has had various different experiences on international markets, working for several years in the USA and Denmark. He joined Ansaldo Energia in 1997 as Director of Procurement and went on to become Business Unit SVP, SVP of Project and Construction Management and, from 2010 to 2017, SVP of Sales and Marketing. Francesco joined Ansaldo Nucleare in 2018 as Managing Director of the UK Company and Group Chairman and in 2019 he was appointed CEO. He has an Executive Leadership Certificate from London Imperial College, an IPMA Excellence Award and a Finmeccanica Customer Satisfaction Award. During his career he has published several articles about technical project management and business development.