Ansaldo Nucleare has been working in the field of Fusion for over 40 years, contributing from the very beginning to the development of a fusion-dedicated industrial chain.
The fusion represents a virtuous example of nuclear innovation, and Europe is playing a key role in ensuring the success of the ITER program and in laying the foundations for the future DEMO fusion power plant. 
Recent impressive achievements of fusion tests have been enabled by years of research to bring critical technologies to the required level of maturity. These include the development of the plasma components of the ITER diverter, developed by ENEA and Ansaldo Nucleare to face the 150 million degrees temperature of the plasma.
Ansaldo Nucleare has collaborated with the most significant innovation projects in the Fusion sector.

  • It has developed the mock-ups for the UK-based JET project.
  • It has cooperated in the design of ENEA's Tokamak FTU.
  • It has contributed to the realization of 5 out of 9 sectors of the ITER vacuum chamber, as well as the development and qualification of the first prototype of the Inner Vertical Target (one of the divertor sections).
  • It has designed ITER's remote maintenance machines, which handle components that weigh several tons and allow safe intervention in environments not accessible to operators.
  • It has engineered key auxiliary systems at the ITER Cadarache site (such as the Hot Cell Complex Building, the Tokamak Auxiliary Preparation Building and the Emergency Electrical Distribution Systems).
  • In addition, as leader of the DYNAMIC Consortium, it oversaw the on-site assembly of the Tokamak-TAC2 – including toroidal field coils, heat shield, supports and interconnections.
  • It is currently contributing to the realization of the Divertor Tokamak Testing (DTT), in Frascati – Italy.

Ansaldo Nucleare operates in close collaboration with key Partners and Suppliers, including about 40 Italy-based Companies, which make up one of the most relevant nuclear fusion value chains in Europe. 

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