Solutions for the energy transition

The green evolution of the Ansaldo Energia portfolio goes hand in hand with product diversification – intended to broaden the Group scope of activity and cover new power generation and preservation technologies.
This mission is assigned to Ansaldo Green Tech – a Company focused on the energy transition business, incorporated in 2021 and fully owned by Ansaldo Energia, which has inherited from Ansaldo Energia specific know-how and capabilities.
The transition scenario calls for both innovation and continuity. Power generation is undergoing a structural revolution in terms of energy source mix; assuring grid stability and continuity of supply are, more than ever, vital.
In the years to come, electrification processes (e.g. in mobility) will further increase electricity demand – so the world economy will face a double challenge: increase the overall power output while replacing fossil sources with renewables
The growing share of renewables and their cyclic availability must be compensated with specific solutions to ensure grid stability and continuity of supply – such as energy storage technologies (including hydrogen) and grid management systems. Load following and fast startup (peaker units) plants will keep playing an essential role during the entire transition.
This is the new scenario power producers – and users – are called to deal with.

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