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The world-class level of Ansaldo Energia’s Research & Development was one of the founding elements that led the Company to achieve full technological independence in 2005, and has been one of its strongest development drivers since. 
The R&D mission is help innovate Ansaldo Energia’s know-how, offering and processes focusing on sustainability, efficiency and resilience
Its goal is to support the energy transition by reducing the carbon impact, and increasing the flexibility and dependability of the entire power generation chain. 
Its role is scouting for ideas and contribute to the implementation of innovative solutions for the generation and preservation of energy – while at the same time further exploring the potential of existing products and plants.
The Research & Development contribution has been essential in establishing and reinforcing Ansaldo Energia’s points of excellence – which span across all enabling technologies.

  • Sequential combustion is an Ansaldo Energia-developed solution that extracts maximum efficiency from the GT36 and GT26 gas turbines while at the same time allowing to optimize park load mode and increase operational flexibility.
  • The extreme adaptability of Ansaldo Energia gas turbines already allows today up to 70% hydrogen-burning capability, which will be extended to 100% on all range by 2030.
  • The leading-edge reconditioning techniques used in Ansaldo Energia’s Repair Centers improve yields, extend machine life and optimize the maintenance budget. Repaired components may exceed the performance of the original equipment. 
  • In its evolution towards 4.0 power generation, Ansaldo Energia has implemented a wide set of solutions for remote control and predictive diagnostics which enable fully digital plant management and the optimization of maintenance operations.
  • Balancing the intermittency of renewable sources and ensure grid continuity in all phases of the energy transition is the great challenge of the coming years. All Ansaldo Energia generators can already be used as synchronous condensers to provide both reactive power and inertia to the grid. The next technological step is represented by Plant Integrator – the proprietary, patented system Ansaldo Energia has developed as an enabler of plant hybridization. Plant Integrator allows the management of complex systems of energy inputs (including renewables) and outputs (including storage systems) as a single resource.
  • Looking beyond current technologies, Ansaldo Energia continues its investigation of alternative ways to produce and preserve energy. Ansaldo Green Tech has been established in 2021 to develop and promote new and sustainable solutions for power and hydrogen generation. Leveraging on existing R&D competences and network, Ansaldo Green Tech is developing and industrializing an innovative electrolyser based on Anionic Exchange Membrane technology while its microturbines have been tested for 100% hydrogen and bio/e-fuel operation. Ansaldo Nucleare participates as a provider of engineering services and strategic components to the ITER nuclear fusion program – one of the most ambitious energy projects in the world today.
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