Code of conduct

Ansaldo Energia S.p.A. is a company focused on high standards of integrity, social responsibility and sustainability. In carrying out its business activities it aims to achieve a balance among the social, environmental and economic dimensions of its actions.
The process of integrating social responsibility and sustainability into its business has led Ansaldo Energia to adopt a Code of Conduct which summarizes the principles of conduct applied within the Company and in relations with its stakeholders, with the aim of ensuring that every activity can be carried out with honesty, fairness, integrity and in accordance with the law and the principles it embodies.
In preparing this Code, Ansaldo Energia has been inspired by the fundamental principles and topics of Social Responsibility, as set down in the UNI ISO 26000 "Social Responsibility Guidelines for Organizations", taking into account the values and principles included in the Code of Ethics to which all the behaviors of the corporate administrative and control members, employees and all those (individuals and/or legal entities) who have any kind of relationship with the Company are constantly inspired.

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