AE94.3A - The proven value

Ansaldo Energia’s great operational flexibility which means they can be started up quickly in order to meet these needs turbines have cumulated over 4 million equivalent operating hours worldwide. They are a well-established solution with applications for baseload and peak, suitable for both Combined and Simple Cycle plants.
Both the hardware and the control system offer advanced self-adjustment capability.

  • They can easily adapt to the chemical composition of natural gas and different gas blends.
  • They can burn hydrogen up to 40% reverting at any moment to 100% CH4 for safe backup operation.
  • Proven Hydrogen capability: two units operating on a hydrogen fuel mix of 25% have been in commercial operation since 2006, accumulating over 300,000 equivalent operating hours.

With the addition of our Autotune (a digital system that automatically tunes the engine to actual ambient conditions), they always run at the edge of their performances.


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