CO2 turbines

The CO2 Turbine is an expander where the CO2 is used as a working fluid.
It is derived from the Steam Turbine modular concept and optimized for the new duty, new fluid and new functionality. It maintains the same original reliability, while improving flexibility and availability.
A CO2 Turbine is not an industrial steam turbine, it is not a heavy-duty steam turbine, it is not a small gas expander: it’s all these things together, packed in a single product that picks the best from each field of application.
CO2 Turbines can be reheat and non-reheat, either directly coupled or high-speed geared, with a wide extent of initial subcritical conditions.
By combining CO2 Turbine layout (inlet/discharge section), clutch, turning gear, generator/electric motor, oil base-plate and control equipment, the right product can be created to meet each specific need.

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