AE64.3A - The compact value

Scaled down by the well-proven AE94.3A technology, the Ansaldo Energia AE64.3A offers the same high reliability in a compact package. 
The rotor construction with the internally air-cooled hot gas path and the uniform temperature distribution, due to the annular combustion chamber, ensure optimum balancing of the thermal flow. This results in easy operation, fast start-up/hot restart time and high grid support capability.
Gas pre-mix combustion extension offers high flexibility throughout the operating range, with easy transient management and reliable fuel change-over. 
A wide selection of fuels, ranging from low-BTU natural gas to liquid fuels, are burnt in dry pre-mix mode with no water consumption, thus minimizing both layout size and operating cost.
The compact size allows the AE64.3A turbine to be used in applications ranging from power generation to the marine industry, and make it the ideal gas burner in Energy Transition Combined-Cycle plants.


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