A global power
generation leader

A global power
generation leader

About us

Ansaldo Energia is a full-service provider of proven, flexible solutions for the power generation industry.

Thanks to its well-established know-how, the company covers every stage in the design, construction, commissioning, servicing and maintenance of both complete plants and hi-tech equipment.

The capabilities of Ansaldo Energia are founded on 170 years of experience and the participation in hundreds of projects worldwide.

Ansaldo Energia’s mission and vision show the commitment of the Company to carbon neutrality and universal access to energy sources – goals which can only be achieved by enhancing the innovation level and flexibility of the entire power generation system.


Our mission is to be always committed to a sustainable and innovative power generation with the aim to ensure a lower environmental impact and a high flexibility in energy production.


Ansaldo Energia is committed to pursuing the objective of carbon neutrality for energy that preserves the environment and allows universal access to sources. 
Not only an energy evolution awaits us, but also a technological, social and cultural evolution – which we face thanks to our flexibility and ability to work in synergy, with the passion and innovation that are in our DNA.
Based on the experience of 170 years of history, we work today looking at the technologies of the next decades in order to offer the new generations a sustainable future.

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