Ansaldo Nucleare SpA

Ansaldo Nucleare SpA and its subsidiary Ansaldo Nuclear Ltd (UK) operate together under the name of Ansaldo Nuclear as a “one-stop Company” specializing in nuclear power. 
Established in Genova in 1966 as Ansaldo Meccanico Nucleare SpA, in 1999 it became a division of Ansaldo Energia, and on 1 November 2005 it was transformed into an independent Company wholly owned by Ansaldo Energia.
Ansaldo Nucleare covers all nuclear activities from the production of critical high-tech components to the design and construction of new builds, from decommissioning to advanced research on radwaste management, Fusion, IVth Generation plants and Small Modular Reactors
Ansaldo Nucleare also has in place collaborations with Research Centers and Universities, offering public/private partnership opportunities to bridge the gap between fundamental research and industrial applications.

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