AE-T100 - The modular value

AE-T100 microturbines can reach 90% efficiency, and are available in three different versions: 

  • externally-fired (AE-T100E);
  • biogas-fueled (AE-T100B);
  • and natural gas-fueled (AE-T100NG). 

Modular installation allows to cover a wide range of different power needs, with each module delivering 100 kWel of electrical power and approximately 200 kWth of thermal power
The advanced power electronics system converts the high-frequency electricity generated into either AC or DC power at the specified frequency.
The AE-T100 rotor system is composed by a high-speed generator, a compressor and turbine wheels – all on the same shaft, which is the only rotating part in the engine. 
Continuous fuel combustion (as opposite to the intermittent combustion of a piston engine) reduces pollutants emission with no need for an expensive and complex post-combustion treatment. 
The technical simplicity of the system contributes to its ease of installation, high reliability and low maintenance requirements.


When used in combination with an external energy source – such as a biomass boiler – the Ansaldo Energia AE-T100 operates as an EFMGT (Externally-Fired Micro Gas Turbine) based on the open-air Brayton cycle. This configuration would be suitable for high-efficiency district heating systems – capable to exploit the energy content of urban or agricultural organic residues while eliminating the need for their disposal. A similar scheme can also be adopted to ensure the output continuity of concentrated solar power plants.


Ansaldo Energia’s AE-T100 microturbines can be integrated into hybrid smart grids to guarantee dispatchable energy in any situation.
A smart grid is an electricity network that can integrate the behaviour and actions of all connected users (generators as well as consumers).
It is designed to ensure sustainable and economically efficient power to a microgrid or an energy community, with low losses and high levels of quality and security of supply.

  • AE-T100 units can burn bio-gas or green hydrogen generated with solar or wind energy.
  • They can instantly switch to natural gas as a back-up fuel, and act as a buffer to compensate for the intermittence of renewable sources.
  • They optimize power generation efficiency thanks to the intelligent monitoring, control, communication and self-healing technologies they are designed for.

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