Board of directors, board of auditors and supervisory board

​​​​​​Appointed by shareholders on May 16, 2022,
for the three years 2022-2024


Fabrizio Fabbri CEO 

Lorenza Franca Franzino Chairperson 

Giovanni Zetti Vice Chairman 

Chiara Bisagni Director 

Paola Girdinio Director 

Gaetano Massara Director 

Fabiola Pellegrini Director 

Fabio Barchiesi Director 

Maurizio Dainelli Director 

​​​​​​Appointed by shareholders on May 16th, 2022,
for the three years 2022-2024


Carlo Corradini Chairman 

Elena Gazzola Statutory Auditor

Pietro Del Fabbro Statutory Auditor 

Paolo Russo Substitute Auditor 

Samantha Gardin Substitute Auditor 

Appointed by the Board of Directors on May 23, 2023
for the three years 2023 to 2025


Ugo Lecis President        

Flavia Daunia Minutillo External Member

Paola Maretti  Internal Member

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