Through time
and technology

Through time
and technology

Know-how & enablers

Very few Companies in the world combine full-cycle power generation competence with sophisticated turbomachinery know-how. Ansaldo Energia is one of them: the perfect partner through the entire energy transition process.
Ansaldo Energia’s expertise in the electrical and mechanical engineering business spans from rotating equipment to next-generation nuclear fusion projects – and has led the Company to possess direct, in-depth knowledge of all technologies.
Robust design and in-house industrial capability for major components assure top quality and reliability – monitored in all stages through a rigorous Quality Management System, and assessed by international certifications
The transition scenario asks us all to think "outside the box" and imagine the future of energy. Can CO2 be transformed into fuels or other products? Can electricity be more efficiently stored? Can wind turbines be located where they have no visual impact? Can nuclear become the “new clear” power source we need? Such are the topics Ansaldo Energia is investigating every day.
Ansaldo Energia’s innovation process focuses on sustainability, energy continuity and flexibility of supply – and is backed up by continuous research and state-of-the-art testing.

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