Services for sustainability

Service is a key element in Ansaldo Energia’s commitment to sustainable and innovative power generation, capable to ensure low environmental impacts and a high degree of flexibility in electricity production.

A specific Services for Sustainability line has been developed to accompany operators in the process of renovating energy sources and reducing carbon footprint.

Renewable power generation is being expanded on a massive scale, to the extent that it is expected to dominate the energy mix in the near future. Given the intermittence of natural sources, this will pose problems of stability and security of supply.

With the electric grid still relying on conventional power generation for continuity, gas-fired plants are likely to come under increasing pressure to guarantee the system’s balance in a flexible, efficient and sustainable way. This “bridging” role will be essential throughout the transition phase.

The preservation of existing gas-fired plants is crucial, and it will depend on their upgrade for fast ramp-up, maximum fuel flexibility and full emission compliance.

Ansaldo Energia Service has the know-how and ability to implement solutions for the new market requirements.

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