Digital plant

Digitalization can be brought on site, both to aid in the execution of maintenance and commissioning activities and to improve performance and optimize operation with more advanced control of plant equipment. Full digitalization of the equipment maintenance documentation is provided by Ansaldo Energia with the PlantBook.
Ansaldo Energia adopts advanced technologies to remotely support site inspections, calibrations and equipment checks: these exenteded remote maintenance capabilities and the use of smart devices allow a faster, more accurate and reliable support both to Ansaldo Energia specialists on site and to the Customer when performing emergency maintenance activities.
A reliable, secure and efficient control system is essential for achieving the highest level of performance. Ansaldo Energia can modernize the control system of gas and steam turbines in parallel with the introduction of functional upgrades and digital tools for online optimization – such as AutoTune.
AutoTune automatically adjusts the operating parameters of the engine to keep emissions and combustion instabilities within specified limits regardless of ambient conditions, fuel composition and engine decay. In this way, it increases the reliability and enhances the flexibility of power plants, maximizing power output and efficiency.

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