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Ansaldo Energia can help achieve maximum performance, reliability and flexibility while minimizing the turbomachinery lifecycle cost.
A network of leading-edge innovation centers, backed by advanced engineering and technologies, develops solutions to extend the durability of the components and optimize the maintenance budget of the plant.
Machinery availability can be maximized by means of a “pit-stop” outage, performed with strategic components (e.g. GT bladed rotor) already on site before the overhaul. 
A tailor-made approach guarantees flexibility in scope and contractual coverage for every situation. Equipment rental schemes are also available for strategic components.

Turbine blades and vanes refurbishment are based on repair innovation, a field where our Genova and Abu Dhabi Repair Centers represent a global excellence. New materials, techniques and methodologies are adopted – such as Coupon Repair and Selective Laser Melting – to provide the extension of operating range and lifetime (Multireco). The Customer’s lifecycle cost can also be optimized with parts pooling and scrap rate reduction.

We fully leverage the synergies of first installation manufacturing and strategic components reconditioning sharing the same Genova location. 
Expertise and repairs at all levels of complexity are offered on both Ansaldo Energia original components and on third-party heavy duty gas turbines, steam turbines and generators.

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