Flexible service agreements

Ansaldo Energia Service flexible service agreements are structured to optimize the maintenance budget by offering parts life warranty, minimal parts fallout, coverage during unscheduled inspections, control of inventory and proactive Customer Service management. As a result, a significant lifecycle cost reduction can be achieved.
The Ansaldo Energia approach is partnership-based: scope, contractual terms, guarantees and payment structure are adapted to meet Customer needs
The Ansaldo Energia flexible service agreement portfolio comprehends a wide range of contractual models – from transactional purchase orders to full-scope service agreements – and offers a comprehensive, modular portfolio of maintenance and operation support services:

  • from single machines to complete power plants;
  • from project management of repairs and upgrades to operation supervision;
  • from individual TFAs to the management of all on-site maintenance activities.

Long-term contracts encompass a wide range of structures, moving from framework agreements to performance-oriented contracts with flexible guarantees, incentives and risk sharing.

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