Digital systems

Digital innovation has marked the technological evolution of the last three decades, opening huge opportunities for performance optimization and reduction of externalities in all industries.
Digital systems, telematics, Internet of Things and Artificial Intelligence are also changing Power Generation: they enable remote plant operation, system hybridization, more accurate short- and long-term planning and instant feedback on connected machines. 
Ansaldo Energia has developed advanced digital solutions as enablers of its own growth – and this in-house know-how is the platform on which our digital services for remote support, diagnostics, plant management and cybersecurity have been built.
Ansaldo Energia's digital transformation is inspired by the “Digital Twin” model: a perfect virtual duplication of a Power Generation facility including turbomachinery, BOP and energy storage infrastructures. 

In this digital realm, the entire life cycle can be simulated and precisely planned – from design to equipment manufacturing, from construction to operation and servicing. It is an important step on our path towards fully digital plant management.

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