Remote diagnostics

Ansaldo Energia's Integrated Plant Support brings together all Customer Support functions into a global operating platform.
Dedicated front-end teams in Genova and Abu Dhabi handle routine monitoring, diagnostics and round-the-clock emergency assistance for all Service Agreement Customers.
Advanced Remote Monitoring and Diagnostics Systems allow real-time connection for vibration analysis, performance analysis, combustion analysis and generator diagnostics. 
Ansaldo Energia's Extended Engineering Support leverages on experienced staff, a structured methodology and a vast database of resolved alarms to rapidly find qualitative and/or data-driven solutions to any inconvenience
The Ansaldo Energia Predictive EXpert System (APEX M&D), based on intelligent algorithms developed in house, provides predictive diagnostics and early warning notifications to identify preindications of failures (thus minimizing downtime).
Through secure remote connections and standard procedures operational issues, combustion instabilities and rotor unbalancing can be fixed with Remote Operation packages.

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