Digital plant support

Digital Plant Support include advanced systems and tools to implement remote diagnostics and predictive maintenance, optimize online performances, support from remote operation and maintenance activities and protect sensible operations from cyber attacks.
Ansaldo Energia's Integrated Plant Support brings together all Customer Support functions into a global operating platform. 
Thanks to Ansaldo Energia’s centralized data acquisition system and Extended Engineering Support, every single rotating machinery installed can be effectively monitored regardless of the technology platform.
Dedicated front-end teams in Genova and Abu Dhabi handle routine monitoring, diagnostics and round-the-clock emergency assistance for all Service Agreement Customers.
Capabilities to perform remote balancing, combustion tuning, gas turbine controller changes, gas turbine restart assistance and troubleshooting help to minimize the downtime of power plants.
The digitalization of the power plant equipment improves the reliability, security and performance of Customer assets through advanced control systems and solutions for online optimization.

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