Nuclear design & engineering

A nuclear plant is a highly complex system where all engineering and construction activities need to be carefully planned and managed. This requires both highly-specialized design skills (on safety, radiation transport, special components, thermo-hydraulic architecture, piping analysis and overall risk management) and plant engineering skills (on fluid system design, CAD modeling, civil works, power supply and electrical transmission, instrumentation and control systems).
Ansaldo Nucleare’s extensive experience in international EPC contracts showcases its transversal competence and its ability to oversee the whole process right from the start. 
All engineering stages are developed in an integrated way, targeted to full safety, maximum plant life and efficient lifetime support. Compliance with the requirements is verified through periodic reviews.
In line with Ansaldo Energia’s flexible and Customer-focused approach, each project is unique, developed combining well-proven modules and innovative solutions in order to best suit site-specific objectives and requirements. 

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