Environment health & safety

Ansaldo Energia is committed to continuously improving the environmental performance of its production cycle and products, while at the same time promoting sustainable practices on the part of its employees and Suppliers.
The Ansaldo Energia factory in Genova is subjected to the European Greenhouse Gas Emission Trading Scheme, and its externalities are certified on an annual basis by an Approved Body. Due to the small amount of CO2 emissions, Ansaldo Energia belongs to the “small emitters” category.
The safeguard of workers’ health and safety is a basic principle of social responsibility. Ansaldo Energia’s Environment, Health, Safety and Infection Prevention and Control Management System is integrated into the Company’s business model according to the ISO 14001 and ISO 45001 standards, and is in line with the requirements of the Biosafety Trust Certification.
Ansaldo Energia has a solid process for the identification of health and safety risks at all organizational levels and in all activities. Assessments are updated annually or every six months, depending on the Company area.
Besides respecting all relevant laws and regulations, Ansaldo Energia is committed to creating a strong safety culture through continuous improvement programs, and to ensuring that sub-contractors comply with all health and safety requirements in any situation.

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