Shaftline service is targeted at improving reliability and availability as well as increasing capacity and reducing future maintenance costs.
Ansaldo Energia’s steam turbine comprehensive service capability covers both impulse and reaction units up to 1,000 MW in all applications: gas-fired steam cycles, combined cycles, combined heat and power, desalination plants, concentrated solar plants, industrial plants and geothermal cycles. Efficiency and durability can be enhanced by replacing parts (rotor or inner block) or whole sections of the turbine.
Ansaldo Energia’s generators service capability includes maintenance, restoration and modification of turbogenerators of all types – air-cooled, hydrogen-cooled, hydrogen-/water-cooled and hydrogenerators. A large fleet of synchronous condenser is currently under service contracts. Activities include machining repairs, partial or total stator rewind and magnetic core repair (including partial re-stacking).

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