Plant operation assistance

Increasing the useful life of existing nuclear power plants while improving their safety standards is key to securing dependable energy supply.
Ansaldo Nucleare provides Plant Operation Assistance to nuclear power plants in several world Countries, offering engineering services and solutions to optimize the systems and enhance the performance.
Balance of Plant systems can be optimized and enhanced to improve plant performance and extend the operating life.

  • As an example, from 2013 to 2019 Ansaldo Nucleare finalized the refurbishment of the stand-by Diesel power generation station at the Embalse nuclear plant in Argentina.

Full compliance with the most stringent regulations can be achieved with the installation of additional active and passive safety systems

  • From 2017 to 2021 the Company completed the the Krško Power Plant Safety Upgrade Program (SUP) implementing two safety systems for alternate emergency injection and auxiliary feedwater. 

Renovation and modification services can be implemented to extend the life of nuclear power plants – such as Plant Life Extension (PLEX). 

  • From 2019 the Company has been working on Condition Assessment and Design Modification Studies to support the PLEX refurbishment program at Cernavoda Unit 1 in Romania, which will extend the expected life of the plant for another 30 years.

All upgrades start from the assessment of the conditions of structures and components through on-site inspections, stress tests and virtual analyses. Based on this investigation, targeted solutions are proposed either for part replacement or maintenance (including spare parts supply where applicable).
Ansaldo Nucleare takes care of the entire improvement program, from the identification of viable solutions to the development of the project, from the design and manufacturing of new components, up to the commissioning phase.

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