Emission/performance optimization

Solutions for emission and performance optimization enhance the value of existing assets in a fast-changing energy scenario for both plant operators and gas / electricity grids.

Ansaldo Energia Service can significantly improve the efficiency of the combustion system through hardware replacement, equipment add-ons and software optimization.

As an example, the AutoTune system improves turndown and emission control, enhances gas turbine operability during changes in gas properties, eliminates the need for seasonal manual tuning, reduces the risk of lean blowout events – thus extending the overall engine life. In addition, the AutoTune Power+ option maximizes power output while maintaining emissions and dynamics within limits.

Efficiency uppgrades reduce the fuel comsumption and thereby the emissions. Transforming simple cycle power facilities into combined cycle plants (with startup time limited to 30 minutes in hot conditions) the efficiency is significantly increased.

In order to enhance grid stabilization capability, turbines can be flanked by a CO2 battery in a new-concept Energy Transition Combined Cycle plant.

In order to manage the contribution of Renewable sources while offsetting their unpredictability, the Ansaldo Energia-exclusive Plant Integrator can be introduced to optimize all energy inputs and outputs.

Ansaldo Energia uses Artificial Intelligence to analyze operational data and devise new solutions for emission and performance.

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