Future-minded energy

Future-minded energy


Ansaldo Energia is driven by four goals: to secure energy supply, to innovate power generation, to optimize the production and storage of electricity and to smooth the energy transition – avoiding waste of resources, inefficiencies and disruption.
Ansaldo Energia designs, builds and services turn-key power plants complete with management, control and cybersecurity systems, as well as single power islands or stand-alone machinery such as turbines, microturbines and generators.
The company masters both conventional and next-generation technologies – from gas to nuclear energy and renewables.
All Ansaldo Energia gas turbine systems are transition-ready: they can be used in existing power facilities, and fuelled with a mix of natural gas and hydrogen with no (or minor) adaptations. Current hydrogen capability ranges from 40% to 70% depending on engine model. Ansaldo Energia is committed to reaching 100% hydrogen capability by 2030, or earlier, across the entire product range.
Together with hydrogenerators and geothermal plants, Ansaldo Energia’s rapidly-expanding portfolio of solutions for the transition also includes synchronous condensers and energy storage technologies to stabilize the grid and offset the ups and downs of the renewable sources

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