Innovation for future nuclear technologies

Safety, Security, Quality and Sustainability guide our vision of the "New Clear", the nuclear of the future and for the future. 
What Ansaldo Nucleare envisages is a new nuclear, which will provide carbon-free energy through advanced and modular technologies for dependable and competitive fission reactors and future fusion reactors. The goal of efficient and dependable power generation is geared to the reduction of the radioactive waste and to the development of innovative solutions for a timely, efficient and safe dismantling of plants at the end of their life.
With this perspective in mind, Ansaldo Nucleare invests in the development of new enabling technologies and products for sustainable nuclear power generation. 
With the contribution of its parent Company Ansaldo Energia, Ansaldo Nucleare is also integrating into nuclear plants innovative solutions for thermal energy storage, cogeneration applications and high-temperature electrolysis for the production of hydrogen as a clean energy carrier.
Ansaldo Nucleare is a member of both NUGENIA (Nuclear Generation II and III Association) and ESNII (European Sustainable Nuclear Industrial Initiative) – two pillars of the SNETP (Sustainable Nuclear Energy Technology Platform), which coordinates fission initiatives towards the collective vision of Europe's transition to a low-carbon energy mix by 2050. 

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