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Ansaldo Energia SpA (Italy)

Ansaldo Energia SpA is the Group's leading Company, and is located in Genoa, Italy. 

The Genoa site hosts the Group Headquarters and the beating heart of manufacturing and assembly for all Ansaldo Energia power generation products and components.

Manufacturing sites are located in the Company's historical buildings, dating back to the beginning of the last century. We are bulding a new gas turbine assembly plant within the Genoa harbor area close to the sea, allowing access to advanced logistics services and shipment.

Working and living in Genoa brings great value. At the heart of the Mediterranean costal area, rich in its 1000-year history, the city offers its UNESCO's World Heritage ancient city center and its wonderful surroundings. The city area, its cultural life and its technology hub nurture to challenging international projects, programs and collaborations, with a high commitment to smart city life solutions.

If you want to see the whole production chain and experience how engineering and design turn into product, and enjoy a high quality standard of life, you definitely have to come and work in Genoa. 

Ansaldo Energia Switzerland

Our Baden site hosts Technology and Product Development, Sales and Project Management for New Business and Services for the Gas Turbines GT26 and GT36 technologies. 

With over 120 years of experience in power generation, our Baden site represents the technological heritage of gas turbines developed in Switzerland. 

Our state-of-the-art testing facilities for large and very large gas turbines in nearby Birr, Switzerland enable us to validate our new products for a smooth market entry.

Baden, in the Swiss canton Aargau, is a place where people come together; it is a cultural and economic hub and excellent place to live.

Ansaldo Nuclear Ltd (UK)

At Ansaldo Nuclear Ltd we specialise in the design and manufacture of customized engineering solutions for the nuclear energy, nuclear decommissioning and defence markets.

Ansaldo Nuclear Ltd operates with a global reach and has ambitious growth plans to expand its nuclear business. These plans have an increasing emphasis on the UK market due to the significant growth opportunities this market presents over the next five years. With primary locations in the UK, Ansaldo Nuclear Ltd also has representative offices in France, Romania, Slovakia and Argentina, working with us as we continue to operate with a global reach.

A key player in the highly specialised nuclear sector, with over 60 years of experience, we are proud to provide a fully integrated service, which includes design, engineering, manufacturing, assembly, testing, commissioning, site installation and ongoing specialist support services.

It takes a variety of people to make our business a success and we offer a range of excellent career opportunities across engineering, project management, technical sales and manufacturing. By joining  us you will be involved in national and international projects. Your professional and technical development will be gained on different projects across Waste Management and De-commissioning, Plant Life Extension, Nuclear New Build and Defence.

Careers in the nuclear sector offer you the chance to work on challenging, interesting and diverse projects.

Ansaldo Nucleare (Italy)

Ansaldo Nucleare is based in Genoa and fully dedicated to the nuclear business, including new power plants and components, decommissioning of nuclear installations, radioactive waste treatment and Services to Operating Nuclear Plants. Disciplines covered by our engineers include: licensing and safety analyses, shielding and radiation, process systems design, electric systems design, automation and control, nuclear component design, civil structural analysis and integrated layout. This makes our company able to provide fully integrated solutions to customers need.

Technical excellence, a broad range of  disciplines, passion and the dedication of team members  are all key aspects that make Ansaldo Nucleare a great place to work, the place to be if you are looking for the right ingredients and motivation to ensure your professional growth.

Ansaldo Thomassen (The Netherlands)

In partnership with Ansaldo Energia, Ansaldo Thomassen Gulf in the U.A.E., Power Systems Mfg.,LLC in the U.S.A., Ansaldo Thomassen is enhancing its role in the gas turbine service industry as a part of the Original Service Provider (OSP™). This means combining the engineering capacity from our background with the open-mindedness of an Independent Service Provider.

Ansaldo Thomassen's mission is to achieve sustainable growth to match global energy demand as we support customer stratefy by providing a flexible, reliable and multiplatform portfolio of High-Technology services offerings.  Ansaldo Thomassen develops technology solutions, key products and advanced services for GE type heavy-duty gas turbines, and  gives customers sound advice and optimal service with tailor-made solutions when it comes to repairing, reconditioning, upgrading or servicing gas turbines.

If you are interested in developing your career in the internationally-oriented, high-tech enviroment found in our technical and commercial operations in The Netherlands, Ansaldo Thomassen is the right place for you!


Ansaldo Thomassen Gulf (UAE)

Founded in 2010, Ansaldo Thomassen Gulf L.L.C is based in Abu Dhabi, UAE. Since its inception, we have been committed to continuously grow and create a center of excellence for Gas Turbine Hot Gas Path Components Repair. 

Ansaldo Thomassen Gulf provides  growth, opportunity and a large degree of indipendence and creativity to its employees. 

Offering a range of exciting professional opportunities, providing a pleasing work environment in which individuals can explore their full potential and contribute to shape the future, Ansaldo Thomassen Gulf is an outstanding choice. 

PSM (Power Systems Mfg., LLC) (USA)

Located the seaside town of Jupiter, Florida in the USA near Miami, PSM is a full service provider to gas turbine equipped power plants worldwide, offering field services and flexible Long Term Service Agreements, technologically advanced aftermarket turbine components & performance upgrades, and parts reconditioning & repair.

PSM has grown from a handful of aerospace engineers to a globally recognized organization of more than 450 dynamic people and today serves customers around the world, offering quick solutions and long term improvements also thanks to our own high-technology parts and service solutions that significantly reduce maintenance life-cycle costs by making plant owners' gas turbines more reliable, flexible and efficient.

With opportunities for mechanical, aerospace, materials and manufacturing engineers, as well as skilled technical machine operators, field service and support staff, we also have an impressive college internship program at the undergraduate and graduate levels, and many opportunities for new graduate engineers, PSM is a real career booster.

If you are interested in working in the USA, you can be exposed to the entire design cycle at PSM.