Geothermal Steam Turbines

A design capitalizing one century of experience in exploitation of geothermal resources


Ansaldo Energia approached geothermal power plants nearly one hundred years ago, when the first turbine-generator units driven by geothermal steam went in operation in Larderello (Italy).

A century in the geothermal market has enabled our Company to achieve a high level of reliability and efficiency, as well as a remarkable flexibility in terms of adaptation to different steam conditions and plant arrangements.

The harsh environment, with steam contaminations by corrosive chemicals such as H2S and chlorides and by dissolved salts, which can originate deposits in the steam path, together with a high level of moisture, command specific design features, sometimes different from those of conventional utility units: for example our experience has shown for geothermal applications a distinctive advantage for the impulse technology, in comparison to the reaction technology.

The portfolio includes machines from one cylinder in single flow configuration up to machines with  two cylinders in double flow configuration, with different exhaust solutions to suit plant layout requirements: top, lateral, axial discharge to the condenser are available in addition to the conventional vertical downward one.

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