Ansaldo Energia Training Center in Genoa

The Ansaldo Energia Training Centre in Genoa has been providing training to Ansaldo’s people and Customers since 1993

Ansaldo Energia Training Center in Genoa

The Ansaldo Energia Training Centre in Genoa provides a perfect location and a dedicated service to make corporate and customer training and meetings become a special experience.

A Whole World of Training

The Training Centre runs all Ansaldo Energia's Academy development programs and activities, and regularly provides technical and managerial training to employees at all career levels; a particular attention is also dedicated to accredited certification training courses.  

The Genoa Centre is also a prime provider for HSE training,  with a strong engagement to develop a positive health and safety culture and reinforce prevention – thus contributing to a decrease in work-related accidents and injuries.

Finally, Genoa Training Centre also builds solid partnerships with the education and employment network, actively participating to lifelong-learning and traineeship programs, hosting school-work experiences and supporting training paths  for the unemployed.   

A Total Customer Learning Experience


In addition to on site customer training  organised for New Units and Service, the Ansaldo Energia Training Centre in Genoa runs complete training programs on a regular basis for those customers who wish to benefit from interactive access to the Ansaldo Energia Genoa factory, service workshop, control room and nearby power plants.

Customer Training in Genoa boosts hands-on practice with design systems, diagnostic, simulation and remote control systems and offers customer trainees a full immersion training experience with advanced learning techniques and tools, including simulators and the "holoprisma", giving life to 3D technical drawings.


​​​​​​Customer training                                                                                                                                                      Holoprisma​

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