Distributors & Partners

Partner Name Country Scope Company Site
ATET Energy Solutions Italy Civil
Beijing Power Equipment Group Co.,Ltd China Civil & Industrial
ECERGY AB Sweden Industrial
EDISON EDF group Italy Civil
Enerswede AB Sweden Industrial
Eurotec India Civil & Industrial
FLÍDR s.r.o Czech Republic Industrial
Georg Hagelschuer GmbH & Co. KG Germany Civil
Grupogid – Grupo de integracion Digital Mexico Civil & Industrial
HKD International Engineering & Consulting Turkey Civil & Industrial
HYDROS Italy Civil & Industrial
Innogy SE Germany Civil
KMSD Power South Africa Civil & Industrial
NK SERVICE, UAB Lithuania Civil & Industrial
RenCraft Sp. z o.o. Poland Civil & Industrial
Riviera Global Energy International LLP South America Civil & Industrial
Shanghai Electric Gas Turbine Co. Ltd China Civil & Industrial
Universal Sun Italy Civil & Industrial
Università degli Studi di Genova : DIME - Department of Mechanical, Energy, Management and Transportation Engineering. DITEN - Department of Electrical, Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering and Naval Architecture Italy Civil


The appropriate machines to realize high efficiency cogeneration and trigeneration plants for small-medium power scale with a low maintenance requirements

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