Organization Model

The set of organisational rules and procedures introduced by the Ansaldo Energia to prevent commission of crimes.

Organization Model

​In order to ensure that the behavior of all those who act on behalf or in the interest of Ansaldo Energia S.p.A. ("Ansaldo Energia") is always in compliance with the principles of fairness and transparency, Ansaldo Energia adopts a Modello di Organizzazione, Gestione e Controllo (trad. "Model of Organization Management and Control", the "Model"), in line with the applicable Italian law, which also represents a strong prevention instrument  as regards corruption.

The Model is based on a structured and comprehensive system of documents, procedures  as well as control activities that identify the areas / processes at possible risk in the company's activities, that is, those activities in relation to which it is believed there is the greatest possibility of crimes of being committed and define an in-house normative system, aimed at preventing crimes, that among other things, includes a Code of Ethics.

The aims of the Model are to:

  • improve the Corporate Governance system;
  • provide a structured, organic system for prevention and control, aimed at reducing the risk of offences being committed in relation to the Company's activities, especially as regards preventing any illegal behavior;
  • determine, in all those that operate in the name of or on behalf of Ansaldo Energia in "areas of activity at risk", an awareness of being able to be involved, in case of violation of the provisions contained therein, in an illegal action subject to sanctions, on a criminal and administrative level, not only on their own behalf but also in relation to the Company;
  • inform all those that work in any capacity in the name of, on behalf of, or in the interests of Ansaldo Energia that violation of the provisions contained in the Model will result in application of specific sanctions to the point of termination of their contractual relationship;
  • reiterate that Ansaldo Energia will not tolerate illegal conduct, not taking into account in any way the end pursued or the erroneous conviction of acting in the Company's interests or to its advantage, as such conduct is contrary to the ethical principles that Ansaldo Energia intends to abide by and therefore contrary to its interests; and
  • censure conduct in violation of the Model in concrete terms, by applying disciplinary and/or contractual sanctions.

ISO 37001 Certificate

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