Board Of Directors

Board of directors defines the policy which is then carried out by the chief executive officer, or CEO. The current Board of directors has been appointed on 16th January 2017 and will stay in office until 2018 financial statements' approval

Board of Directors

​​​​​​Appointed by shareholders on January 16, 2017, for the biennium 2017-2018

RIVOLTA                GUIDO                        President               (CdA  28/02/18)

CAO                          MIN                               Vice President

ZAMPINI               GIUSEPPE                 AD                              (CdA  28/02/18)

MASCARDI          FABIOLA                   Director                  (Ass 31/05/18)

LATINI                    FRANCESCO           Director                  (Ass 31/05/18)

YUAN                      JIANHUA                   Director                  (Ass 15/11/17)

BALDOCCI          CARLO                        Director                  (Ass  31/05/18)

RAUBER                   HANS                        Director

ZHENG                     XIAOHONG          Director