Decommissioning & Waste Management

We analyse and plans nuclear decommissioning projects.

Decommissioning & Waste Management

Nuclear power plants have a finite life span, and nuclear waste management and plant deconstruction must be carefully planned and controlled. That's why it is vital to seek the expertise of a company that has the knowledge and understanding to make sure everything is handled safely. 

We provide products and services for decommissioning programs, combining remote handling and waste treatment technologies with our experience in nuclear construction, and we are able to deliver:

  • feasibility studies to analyze alternative solutions and select the optimal ones, according to technical, economic and dose requirements;
  • design and manufacturing of equipment and tools for the dismantling, packaging and transfer of wastes;
  • operation on site, where planning, monitoring and control of the work is essential for the safe and efficient execution of the project;
  • organization of the site activities for waste management, including the installation of Waste Management facilities;
  • Chemical  decontamination  systems  for  contaminated  materials  resulting  from  dismantling activities.

In addition, we have the capability to design, supply, test and commissioning, radwaste management systems for operating LWR plants.

Radioactive Waste Management & Conditioning

We provide solution for liquid, solid and organic radioactive waste management and conditioning. Our solutions are conceived to prepare the nuclear waste for intermediate or final disposal.

General Capabilities:

  • Treatment of liquid waste: definition of treatment processes based on the chemical and radiological characteristics of waste produced during prior or current operation of nuclear installations and the waste generated during decommissioning;
  • Treatment of solid waste: definition of treatment technologies and handling systems for solid waste produced during prior or current operation of nuclear installations and the waste generated during decommissioning;
  • Treatment of organic waste: development of an innovative wet oxidation process for waste consisting of organic material, specifically for use in the treatment of nuclear waste including ionic exchange resins and waste conditioned in urea-formaldehyde;
  • Waste Management Facilities (WMF): detailed design and realization of WMFs, including hot workshop for segmentation and associated dedicated filtering systems, mechanical and/or chemical decontamination systems, temporary storage areas, radiological monitoring stations, materials grouting station.

Radioactive Waste Storage and Handling Tools

General Capabilities:​

  • Radioactive Waste Retrieval: concept definition, design and supply of systems and equipment for the safe retrieval of radioactive waste from legacy ponds and silos;
  • Radioactive waste storage containers: design, construction and qualification of containers in compliance with the requirements of IAEA Regulations, for the temporary storage of Low and Intermediate Level Waste (LILW);
  • Handling systems: concept definition, design and supply of systems and equipment for the handling and/or lifting of storage containers for radioactive waste and spent fuel.

Decommissioning and Dismantling

​General Capabilities: 

Feasibility studies & Decommissioning Plans: decommissioning studies for nuclear power plants and experimental reactors in Italy and abroad;  analysis of alternative solutions and definition of the best decommissioning strategies based on technical, economical and ALARA requirements;

Integrated detailed design: multidisciplinary engineering work for the overall dismantling of buildings and plants on nuclear sites, including 3D CAD models, choice of applicable cutting techniques, definition of dismantling and handling sequences, safety analysis, assessment of personnel radiation exposure, evaluation of costs and timetable;

Decommissioning equipment and tools: basic, detailed design and procurement of equipment (innovative and/or prototype) for dismantling of structures and components, and packaging of waste resulting from decommissioning in storage containers;

Software packages: development of specific software packages to manage and track materials deriving from decommissioning and dismantling sequences;

On-site dismantling work: management of in-field activities, coordination and supervision of decommissioning activities (dismantling, physical and radiological characterization, waste disposal);

Licensing processes: support to the Client during the overall licensing process to meet the Safety Authority requirements.









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