Steam Turbines

Ansaldo Energia Steam Turbines are efficient, flexible and reliable, capable of meeting a wide range of steam cycles, site conditions and operating modes.

Steam Turbines

​Ansaldo Energia has 100 years' experience in design, manufacturing and installation of steam turbines.

Thanks to continuous product improvements combined with the traditional reliability, efficiency and robustness of our products, we offer a unique and balanced value package based on innovation and reliability.

Our machines are built by a broad design platform and based on a well proven, pre-engineered modules to provide a wide range of power rating and applications.​

Current production includes large ratings for reheat applications suitable for the highest steam parameters for supercritical and ultrasupercritical conditions, compact modules for smaller ratings and single and two cylinders model for non reheat thermal cycles.

Our design can also cater for district heating and cogeneration applications.

All models are completely assembled in our workshop,  with the exception of the bigger low pressure sections, which are quickly and easily installed on field. 

Geothermal steam turbines are based on impulse design.​

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