Power Plants

Ansaldo Energia is a global supplier of turnkey power plants with a comprehensive offering of the most reliable and best performing solutions available today.

Power Plants

Along with its 150 years of experience in the electrical and mechanical engineering business together with its in-house capability for all major components, such as generators, steam and gas turbines, Ansaldo Energia offers multiple choices: from the turboset package, which can be  supplied as a standalone equipment or by integrating the thermal cycle to provide the entire power island, to the complete turnkey plant.

In plant management our key word is "flexibility".

We offer design flexibility: we do not impose pre-packaged produces to our Clients, indeed, thanks to our modular approach and customer oriented attitude, we integrate the benefits of pre-engineered modules with the specific customer requirements to find the optimal choice for any solution. 

We offer product flexibility: thanks to our wide proven but innovative product portfolio we build plants providing clean, reliable and efficient technologies in several applications, for base load operation, peak demand or cogeneration purpose, in severe environment or severe grid conditions.

We offer also plant flexibility: innovative solutions to reduce at minimum the environmental impact and architectural solutions to meet client's distinctive character and expectations, with full respect for the land social-cultural framework in order to promote plant acceptance and territorial integration.

 And, finally, we offer time to market flexibility: in recent years, our quick turnkey delivering as per Customer's need has turned into fast track solutions.   

Simple cycles as well as advanced combined cycles, steam fossil fired, hydroelectric, geothermal and nuclear power plants as well as power generation from renewable sources: we build plants for your future.  

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