Our long tradition in hydrogenerators dates back to 1920 with more than 500 installed units. They can be coupled to Kaplan, Francis and Pelton turbines.


​​​Hydrogenerators have an extremely wide range of output and rotational speed depending on individual site condition, thus leading to several configurations for stator and rotor.​

Ansaldo Energia currently produces three basic types of hydrogenerators, both for new plants and for service application:

• generators for river flow (low/medium speed);

• generators for high-head plants (medium/high speed);

• motor-generators for pumped storage systems. ​

Beside electrical and mechanical matter, we pay special attention to insulation reliability, efficient ventilation and cooling of active parts. 

Ansaldo Energia hydrogenerators are self-ventilated in an open or closed circuit with air to water coolers with indirectly cooled stator and rotor winding.

According to transportation and erection constrain, the stator can be divided, each section being assembled at site with bolts and dowels.

The stator winding is lap or wave type, closed coils or two half-coils, according to suitable design.

According to generator arrangement, the rotor is supported with guide, thrust, combined thrust-guide bearings or pedestal bearings in horizontal arrangement.

Cyclical operation of vertical hydrogenerators units requires frequent start up and shutdown. Braking system and high pressure jacking equipment is supplied to achieve rapid safe shutdown of the unit and rotor lifting during maintenance.​

  • 4675® Hydrostatic Resin rich class F stator winding insulation
  • Coils or Roebel bars stator winding
  • Salient poles rotor winding
  • Axial fans

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