Hydrogen Cooled Turbogenerators

Hydrogen Cooled Turbogenerators feature high performance, excellent quality, optimum reliability and long life to perfectly meet turbine requirements.

Hydrogen Cooled Turbogenerators

​​​​Ansaldo Energia hydrogen cooled generators (THR series) are by proven design, robust, reliable and easy maintainable, used for gas turbines and steam turbines in single-shaft or multi-shaft configuration in high efficient power plants.​​​

The hydrogen provides for low frictional losses and increases overall performance.

Their well proven technology and adherence to all safety requirements, to ensure proper operation in presence with hydrogen gas, is witnessed by more than 170 units awarded by Ansaldo Energia since 1950, with a total capacity greater than 27 GVA. 

​Dedicated auxiliary systems are used to condition and circulate the hydrogen and keep the shaft seals supplied with oil. The dedicated H2 skid conditions and monitors the coolant under all operating conditions, maintaining the proper hydrogen pressure and, during shut down, carrying on inert gas purging at first (with CO2) and then air purging.

Shaft seals are implemented by oil flowing into the gap between the shaft and suitable rings.


  • Generator casing designed for high pressure H2 (PED and ATEX regulations) - Composed by two bolted halves
  • Several cooling chambers
  • Indirect cooled stator winding
  • 4675® Hydrostatic Resin rich class F stator winding insulation
  • Direct cooled rotor winding
  • Hollow copper conductor
  • Axial fans
  • Pedestal or end-shield support bearings
  • Single or double coupling rotor
  • 4 vertical hydrogen-water coolers

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