Air Cooled Turbogenerators

Air-cooled turbogenerators provide modern, and highly compact solutions for base and peak load power plants, featured by easy and low cost maintenance.

Air cooled Turbogenerators

​​​​​​Ansaldo Energia air cooled generators (WY/WX and TRX TRY/TRX series) are by follow proven design; they are robust, reliable and easy maintainable.​

They are also flexible since used with gas turbines and steam turbines in single or multi-shaft configurations as well as for geothermal application, where environmental conditions due to humidity and hydrogen sulfide are severe, and moreover as synchronous condenser. ​

Our air cooled turbogenerators have indirectly cooled stator windings and directly cooled rotor windings and they are self-​ventilated in a closed circuit with air-to-water coolers. The pressurization kit allows further power extensions. The reduced impact of auxiliary systems simplifies unit management and cuts the cost of spare parts.

  • Closed circuit ventilation
  • Generator casing composed by two bolted halves
  • Several cooling chambers
  • Indirect cooled stator winding
  • 4675® Hydrostatic Resin rich class F stator winding insulation
  • Coolers on bottom of stator frame
  • Direct cooled rotor winding
  • Hollow copper conductor
  • Axial fans
  • Pedestal support bearings

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