AE94.2:                                   The robust value

The AE94.2 is a benchmark for operational and fuel flexibility in  gas turbine application, offering the most well proven and robust design with its millions of cumulated firing hours.

AE94.2: The robust value

​​​​​​​​​​​​Thanks to its fast start capability combined with the extreme operation simplicity and fuel superior flexibility , the AE94.2 can be profitably used in simple or combined cycle, for base or peak load plant, when grid conditions are severe and in areas where power generation is based on alternative fuels.  

The robust overall design,  the rotor stiffness and the excellent combustion stability, due to the two external combustion chambers, make the AE94.2 the perfect choice when fast transient phases and / or fuel diversification are required.

Furthermore​ the special version AE94.2K, whose first operation dates back to 1998, has been specifically designed for burning low and very low BTU gases (from steel mill to refinery gasification process).

Our AE94.2s fleet is installed worldwide, characterized by more than 20 years of successful operation and 6.6 million equivalent operating hours, with an excellent record of robustness, operational flexibility and durability.

The AE94.2 Customer's benefits include:

  • Best in class for fast start, fast ramp, high load step and grid support
  • Excellent records in fuel flexibility, 2 minutes gas-to-oil and oil-to-gas fuel switch over, dry mode for both gas and oil
  • High reliability
  • Easy maintenance with tailored service plans and high availability
  • Fast track project

  • Single shaft rotor, disk type with Hirth serration and central tie rod
  • 2 bearings and Radial Displacement System (RDS) for radial gap optimization
  • 16 stage compressor with Variable Inlet Guide Vanes (VIGV)
  • Option for fast actuated VIGV for high frequency support and peak plant
  • Cold end generator drive
  • 4 Stages axial turbine
  • Advanced materials and cooling optimization (no external cooling required)
  • All blades and vanes replaceable with rotor in place
  • 2 Vertical silo type combustion chambers lined with individually replaceable ceramic tiles
  • Advanced materials for inner casing and mixing chamber (no coating required)
  • 16 Dry Low Nox burners for both natural gas and light oil
  • Option for burning special fuels (naphtha, heavy oil, crude oil, wide ranges of fuel gases)
  • Option for water injection, water emulsion, steam injection for superior fuel burning flexibility

View from Samalkot Power Plant, India (Fuel gas Naphtha, HSD operation)                                 ​View from Avon Power Plant, South Africa (fuel oil operation)​

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