Gas Turbines

Discover the wide range of Ansaldo Energia gas turbines and our well know flexibility in matching Customer’s needs with tailored solutions.

Gas Turbines

​​​​​​​​Ansaldo Energia Gas Turbines are characterized at the same time by robust and proven design and advanced technology, featuring  high performance and low environmental impact,  high flexibility and reliability, thus being suitable for several applications and environmental conditions as well as fuel diversification.

Our current production includes E, F and H class technology, ranging from 80MW to 538 ​MW  (ISO Power).   

A smart maintenance approach based on extended inspection intervals, easy maintenance features and customized service agreements allow Customers to choose the best solution to fit their needs. 

Optimized maintenance plans, low lifecycle costs, easy and reliable operation are some of the key factors for selecting our gas turbines.

The auxiliary equipment, including the control system, have been specifically designed by Ansaldo Energia to meet the str​ingent requirements of the new generation advanced gas turbines while keeping an user friendly background and easy  maintenance.


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