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 Ansaldo Energia Group is a full-cycle, integrated operator in the power generation sector

New Units

Ansaldo Energia offers a vast portfolio of turbomachinery for every power generation application, coupled with solid plant management expertise covering any scope of work, from turbines up to fully equipped turnkey plants. Gas turbines offering state of the art, reliable engines, suitable for open or combined cycle plants, range from E-class gas turbines (AE 94.2) to F-class (AE 64.3A, AE94.3A and GT26) and finally to H-class with the introduction of the GT36, thus covering power output segments from 70 to 500 MW.

Our Company has more than a century of experience designing, building and installing a total of more than 600 steam turbines worldwide, with an output of almost 100 GW. Ansaldo Energia's portfolio of steam turbines includes reheat and non reheat turbines, with outputs ranging from 40 to 1000 MW for fossil fuel, combined cycle, cogeneration and nuclear plants.

Our turbine offering is joined by a proven range of efficient generators covering various applications, including combined cycle, steam, geothermal and nuclear plants, plus rotating synchronous compensators. Over the years, we have manufactured and installed more than 1,300 generators with a total capacity of over 150,000 MVA and sizes ranging from 40 to 1,200 MVA.

Ansaldo Energia micro gas turbines represent the leading energy system for distributed generation, providing highly efficient cogeneration and trigeneration plants, thanks to a portfolio covering a range of 50-100 kW. Our modular offering is suitable for both civil and industrial applications in the food, chemicals/petrochemicals, wastewater treatment and other industries.










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