Our support to projects focused on the care of vulnerable realities, artistic and environmental heritage protection and culture diffusion.


​​​In the framework of social responsibility, Ansaldo Energia Group set itself the goal to support projects which nurture local activities focused on the care of vulnerable realities, artistic and environmental heritage protection and culture diffusion.

​Ansaldo Energia and Food Bank Foundation

Since more than four years Ansaldo Energia has begun a joint project with Fondazione Banco Alimentare Onlus (Food Bank) to recover surplus food produced at the Campi and Fegino canteens and send it to charity organizations. Uneaten cooked and fresh food from the company's canteens is packed, labelled to conserve it ready for collection by Food Bank volunteers, who take it to its destination as part of Siticibo program.

Specifically the surplus food form Ansaldo Energia and Ansaldo Nucleare is collected and used by Associazione Sole e Luna, a charity based in the former premises of the Genova Cornigliano railway station, just a few kilometers from Ansaldo Energia, with a view to promoting social relations with the local area and population. Every day, Sole e Luna volunteers collect food left over from previous evening's meal and that day's lunch, for distribution from their center to the needy, over the subsequent 24 hours period, as required by "Good Samaritan Law" (L- 155/2013)

About 70 portions on average of prepared uneaten food is collected on a daily basis from our canteens.

Donation at Gaslini Children's Hospital

In the framework of a close ties and a common attention at local realities, Ansaldo Energia and RINA delivered to the neonatal and pediatric Intensive Care Center of Gaslini Children's Hospital in Genoa the Babylog neonatal ventilator as part of their Christmas charity initiatives. This donation forms part of an initiative that Ansaldo Energia and Rina began several years ago, joining forces to support projects wich nurture the local resources that make contributions of excellence to reserve difficult situations.

For Christmas 2016 too Ansaldo Energia and Rina confirm their collaboration and are joined by the Carige Foundation. Together they will offer their support to the Community of Sant'Egidio, which plans to open a new School of Peace, a center that offers free assistance for the integration of children and teenagers in school promoting a supportive educational model that overcomes all barriers and discrimination.

Special Parking Places Area

Recently, a series of parking places with electric vehicle charging stations (for both cars and two-wheelers) entered service near the main entrance to Ansaldo Energia in Genoa, for use by all employees. This initiative provides them with yet another opportunity, as well as looking ahead to the future in consideration of the growing popularity of hybrid vehicles. A "pink parking" area had also been set aside here for pregnant employees, suppliers and visitors who ask reception and security staff. On request, women employees will continue to be offered a parking place that is as close as possible to where they work.

Photovoltaic Panels for Ansaldo Energia's roof-tops

​On June 2012 Ansaldo Energia completed  the installation of MW class photovoltaic power plant on its campus roof - tops. The project stands out for its integration in the urban environment and the care taken over reconciling plant efficiency with the functionality and accessibility of roof areas. For this reason high quality materials were used that contribute to improving the site as a whole. Installation work was performed using techniques that minimised the use of indoor areas and, with the help of Renewable Energy and Facility Management department engineers, there was virtually no impact on production. The plant has a total output of 882,225 kWp, provided by 3,921 polycrystalline silicon photovoltaic modules rated a nominal 225 Wp, mounted on special structures designed to adapt to the various different rooftops involved. The plant comprises six independent photovoltaic generators installed on the rooftops of various buildings on the Campus. They are electrically connected to delivery cabinets and the Enel Distribution 15 kV public medium voltage network through the site's low and medium voltage user distribution network. Each generator is equipped with a fiscal power meter and a general circuit breaker for connection to the facility's low voltage network. The plant means that Ansaldo Energia will not have to buy about one million kWh of power, with beneficial effects on both the company's income statement and its environmental footprint. The energy produced by the plant over the next 10 years will avoid atmospheric emissions totalling more than ten thousand tonnes of carbon dioxide. The plant also has a significant economic impact, generating earnings amounting to about 350 thousand euros a year, partly in the form of savings on the purchase of electric power and partly as government subsidies.