Ansaldo Energia News: attendance at World Utilities Congress in Abu Dhabi

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Our Group is exhibiting at the global conference gathering water and power leaders to provide insights on new solutions for the green transition

Ansaldo Energia Group is taking part as exhibitor at World Utilities Congress, the global conference addressing the future of low carbon power and water supplies, ending today in Abu Dhabi.

The event has represented an important opportunity for all our Group’s companies to get in touch with other energy players and potential customers to discuss about our new solutions for the green transition.

Daniela Gentile, Ansaldo Green Tech CEO, and Giovanbattista Patalano, Senior Vice President Nuclear Markets & Sales of Ansaldo Nucleare, attended as speakers two conferences within the exhibition.

On May, 9th in the morning Daniela Gentile talked about “Pursuing energy security and sustainability in parallel” in a dialogue with Linda Mabhena-Olagunju, Founder & CEO of DLO Energy Resources Group Pty Ltd. “Call to actions Looking forward to COP28 : Accelerate permitting is a call to action to policymakers – said Daniela Gentile in her speech -  We can’t wait 10 years for clean energy infrastructure. Call to actions to industries: to make feasible the energy transition, adjacent sectors need to cooperate to share the cost of Investment. Final call to action: in spite of different energy mix, social and economic priorities, Countries have in common the room to improve energy efficiency which can be the first clean fuel, making energy more affordable, secure and supporting the transition.”

The Nuclear Energy Forum took place in the afternoon, with the participation of Giovanbattista Patalano in a panel that brought together several nuclear experts belonging to different sectors.

“As a company we have the commitment to remain dedicated to the Sustainable Development Goals set by the UN, and our ambition is to significantly grow in the nuclear energy sector which provides the clean electricity needed to meet the world’s growing energy demand” - stated in his talk - “Ansaldo Nucleare has been able to adapt, change and remain at the top of its fields when it comes to nuclear engineering and project delivery for nuclear applications. We have been able to do it for years working on many skills development programs to allow us to attract develop and retain the skills that we needed. And it continues to be so.”

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