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Oversize load of a synchronous condenser and a transformer to Terna power station

Ansaldo Energia, together with Terna, recently concluded the transport of a transformer and a synchronous condenser which reached, first by sea and then by land, the electrical station of Codrongianos, in the province of Sassari.

The two machines allow to stabilize and safely manage the electricity grid, regulating the voltage and minimizing the sudden changes due to the intermittence of the production of renewable sources. Specifically, the synchronous condenser represents a particular application of electric generators which, connected to the Terna transmission grid, exchange reactive energy with the grid and increase the short-circuit power. They can also provide a contribution of inertia to the electricity grid, making it more stable. The synchronous condensers supplied to Terna are also equipped with the "flywheel system", an innovation designed and built by Ansaldo Energia, capable of increasing the overall inertia of the rotating system, minimizing technical losses thanks to the fact that it is contained in a vacuum chamber.

The transformer, weighing about 180 tons, 8 meters long and 5 meters high, started its journey from the headquarters of the supplier Tamini, in Legnano, reaching the port of Marghera by land. Here it was loaded on the EEMSLIFT Hendrika ship, of the General Cargo Ship Company, which reached the port of Genoa, where the synchronous condensers was also loaded a few days later.

Weighing 269 tons2, over 11 meters long and over 4 meters wide, the synchronous condenser left the Genoa plant - where it was entirely built - to reach the San Giorgio terminal. Here, on 25 September, it was loaded on the vessel which already housed its transformer.

Once the Port of Olbia was reached, given the considerable size of the two pieces, the departure to the electrical station took place with two separate convoys and at different times.

The route from the Port of Olbia to the electrical station was identified in agreement with the municipal and provincial administrations, with Anas and with the competent authorities of the Port and of each road section: it crossed the Olbia ring road, the National Roads 729 and 597 and the Provincial Road 68, for a total of over 80 kilometers.

The synchronous condenser left the port of Olbia with an 80m long convoy and reached the site on 8 October. Here, three days later, it was placed in its foundation. The transformer, landed on October 14, left the port area with a second convoy, which took it to the electrical station on October 20, where it was placed in its foundation the following day.

“Transporting two machines of this size across our peninsula is always a challenge” says Chiara Iperti, Ansaldo Energia Head of Shipping and Transportation. “We, as Ansaldo Energia, are proud to have completed this important project and to contribute with our products and skills to the development of the Country, especially in this delicate phase of energy transition”.



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