Ansaldo Energia News: New contract for the upgrade of Leinì power plant

Engie has chosen Ansaldo Energia to optimize its thermoelectric plant in Leinì (Turin)

Ansaldo Energia has been awarded a contract by ENGIE Produzione for the improvement of the combined cycle plant in Leinì (Turin).
As part of the upgrades, Ansaldo Energia will contribute with the turnkey replacement of the entire gas power assembly, including the gas turbine, the generator with the related auxiliaries, along with all the required site activities.
Ansaldo Energia will supply the plant – already built on turnkey basis in 2007 - with a new AE 94.3A gas turbine and related WY23Z generator. The AE 94.3A gas turbine which will be installed in the Leinì - improved through the continuous evolution and the vast experience gained over the years, which led this model to account more than 4 million hours of operation with ever increasing performance – will incorporate the latest evolutionary updates, that will lead to an increase in the efficiency of the whole combined cycle.
“The fact that ENGIE has chosen us again for the upgrade of the Leinì plant is a reason of great pride and confirms an ever more fruitful collaboration” says Marco Lovisolo, Ansaldo Energia Senior Vice President Sales & Marketing.
Ansaldo Energia built this plant in 2007 and continued to maintain the plant with a timely service, aimed at ensuring the maximum efficiency. With this project we will install a renewed and upgraded machine, backed by a proven experience". For ENGIE, Ansaldo Energia built the three plants of Voghera, Rosignano and Leinì in Italy, where they followed up with upgrade and maintenance activities, in the perspective of a long-term collaboration of over twenty years by now.
“The solid partnership with Ansaldo Energia is a concrete example of ENGIE's willingness to invest in the research of technological innovations that make the plant a truly virtuous pole in terms of sustainability, flexibility and energy transition” comments Gelu Rapotan, Director of ENGIE Production – The Leinì plant produced in 2022 about 2.1 TWh of electricity for the national electricity system and 55.5 GWh of thermal energy for the district heating network of the City of Settimo Torinese, also owned by ENGIE”.
Works on the plant will begin in February 2024 and will end with the delivery of the completely upgraded plant scheduled for October 2024

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