Ansaldo Nucleare S.p.A. together with Ansaldo Nuclear Ltd represent the nuclear arm of Ansaldo Energia Group

Who We Are: History and Future

Ansaldo Nucleare S.p.A (Italy) and Ansaldo Nuclear Ltd (UK), together operating under the name Ansaldo Nuclear, act as a single, integrated company that provides an in-house, fully combined capability which includes design, engineering, manufacturing, assembly, testing, commissioning, site installation and integrated logistics through-life support of bespoke solutions for all of the three nuclear business lines in which they operates:

  • Decommissioning and waste management,
  • Nuclear New Build
  • Nuclear plant service and operation assistance

For the UK market only, Ansaldo Nuclear Ltd is also operating in the defence sector.

Our strength lies in the technical knowledge, experience and dedication of our team. We are committed to providing advanced and innovative services for our existing and potential customers across the nuclear energy industry. From building a new plant, implementing major modifications on in service nuclear plants,  to decommissioning an old one, or even handling nuclear waste, we have the expertise to support you. We will continue to grow and enhance our internal skill set to make sure our one-stop-shop always has the knowledge to provide our customers with the help they need. We will always strive for the highest industry standards of safety, quality and protection of the environment.

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Safety, Environment and Sustainable Growth

Safety, Environment protection and Sustainable growth are at the heart of our values.

The focus of our engineering activity has been the design and installation supervision of systems and components that improve safety of the nuclear installation whilst decreasing the risk associated with the existing radioactive material legacy. Leveraging our expertise in the design and implementation of nuclear power plants, we are able to predict the consequences of the actions we take, so we are in a position to guarantee the highest quality standards in accordance with regional and international regulations. New, accident-proof technology ensures uninterrupted safety in our nuclear power plants, and we regularly upgrade with new safety features ensuring the highest levels of nuclear plant safety globally.

Starting the end of the 80's we participated to the development of Passive Safety Systems both for PWR and BWR plant and nowadays, we are involved in international programmes for the development of sustainable nuclear energy reactors (i.e,  Sustainable Nuclear Energy Technology Platform, SNETP,  and the European Sustainable Industrial Initiative on Nuclear Energy , ESNII).

Advanced Manufacturing Capability

We deliver a greater proportion of our project work utilizing in-house capabilities. This allows greater project and quality control whilst reducing lead-times and manufacturing costs.

We design for manufacturing the time taken to go from concept to realization is minimized through efficient interfacing between engineering and manufacturing. In house integration of Design and Manufacturing Engineering ensure solutions are designed for manufacture and assembly prior to design release.

Our Manufacturing capability is based in the Wolverhampton works, in UK, covering 8,200 m2 of floor space. 

Our specialist in-house manufacturing capabilities, facilities and experience allow the business to deliver contracts ranging from small precision components to large mechanical, electromechanical and software controlled plant machinery.

All fabrication is carried out to the relevant British, European and ASME standards by Suitably Qualified Experienced Personnel (SQEP) and coded welders. We operate with strict policies with regards to material segregation and foreign material exclusion operating as guided by WANO (World Association of Nuclear Operators).  The facilities have separate areas designated for carbon steel and stainless steel fabrication. This segregation is also replicated within the material storage areas ensuring there is no cross contamination of materials.

We are able to offer standalone manufacturing services on build to print projects as well as specializing in providing fully integrated design and manufacture contracts.