The appropriate machines to realize high efficiency cogeneration and trigeneration plants for small-medium power scale with a low maintenance requirements.

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Distributed generation is achieving even more importance in all the developed countries where incentive policies are promoting its development and diffusion giving interesting and short payback time of the investment. Micro gas turbine  represent the leading energy system through which distributed generation has currently being deployed.

Ansaldo Energia can respond effectively to this application field with its micro gas turbine AE-T100, available in three different fuel versions: natural gas (AE-T100NG), biogas (AE-T100B) and external combustion (AE-T100E - EFGT technology).

AE-T100 can be installed inside all turn-key cogenerative and trigenerative plants, providing simultaneous generation of electrical and thermal energy with very low levels of: noise, vibrations and emissions.

With its 100 kWel as electrical power and about 200 kWth as thermal power, AE-T100 can achieved very high overall efficiency levels until about 90%, covering at the same time a wide power range through the possibilities to realize modular installation.

Main installation contexts involve either industrial and civil applications, like: food industries, drying process in general (ovens, brickyards, painting plants, etc…), chemical and petrolchemical plants, industrial laundries, joinery, waste water treatment plants, retirement houses, hospitals, swimming pools, hotels, leisure centres, apartment buildings, etc…). Ansaldo Energia manufactures AE-T100 micro turbines in a dedicated facility located inside its Headquarter in Genova (Italy). AE-T100 new units and relevant service are commercialized worldwide through dedicated Distributors / Partners, but also through direct selling of micro turbines and spare parts to the final Customer.


The AE-T100 rotor system is composed by a high-speed Generator and by Compressor and Turbine wheels, all on the same shaft, which is the only rotating part in the engine. The system low complexity, together with well proven oil lubricated bearings, contributes to high reliability and low maintenance.


It allows the system to achieve high efficiency with simple components and relatively low operating temperatures.

Power electronics

The advanced power electronics system converts the highfrequency electricity, produced by the Generator, to either AC power or DC power with the specified frequency.

Combustion chamber

The continuous fuel combustion of the micro turbine AET100 as opposite to intermittent combustion of a piston engine reduces pollutants emission eliminating the need for expensive and complex post combustion treatment.  

Exhaust gas heat exchanger

The heat exchanger, a gas-water counter-current flow type, transfers the thermal energy from the turbine exhaust to the end user hot-water system.

 ​​​​​​Health structure and Retirement home in Lombardy (courtesy of ATET s.r.l)

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