GT36:                                                The Superior Value

The GT36 is the best choice for advanced combined cycle plants, as it combines high power output and efficiency with outstanding flexibility.

GT36:  The Superior Value

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Built on the evolution of several generations of proven technology and on the GT26 excellence , the GT36 gas turbine offers high efficiency at full and part load, low emissions,  a high turn-down capability and high fuel flexibility. Entering in the very large class, the GT36 has been designed to serve evolving customer needs by reducing cost of electricity and CO2 emissions, increasing operational flexibility and offering outstanding serviceability, therefore ensuring the highest dispatch and consequently the best return on investment.

The GT36 has been designed for easy constructabi​lity, operation and maintenance with a specific attention to increased inspection intervals and reduced outage time and duration.

The GT36 offers an unmatched operational flexibility in its class: its unique sequential​ combustion technology allows a high turndown. This enlarges the emission-compliant operation window compared to other combustor technologies and consequently the options for the power plant operator – thus offering a clear advantage in today's and future power generation markets.

The GT36 Customer's benefits ​include:

  • Fast start and fast ramp
  • High part load efficiency​​ 
  • Optimized park load mode
  • High turndown capability with low fuel consumption, providing high reserve power
  • High fuel flexibility​
  • Performance Optimized and extended Lifetime Operation Mode to balance power needs with cost saving

  • Cold end generator drive
  • Air cooled, 4 stage turbine
  • Double layer thermal barrier coating ​on front stages
  • Blade 1 with 3D core design to improve cooling air effectiveness


 ​​​​​​GT36 Validation and Testing Plant in Birr, Switzerland​

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