Ansaldo Energia Hydrogen future-proof technologies

Ansaldo Energia presents its expertise in the Hydrogen combustion field

Ansaldo Energia Hydrogen future-proof technologies

​"Hydrogen Day, a future-proof tech2nology" is the new Ansaldo Energia webinar, dedicate to its expertise in the hydrogen combustion field. Daniela Gentile, CEO of Ansaldo Green Tech, and Stefano Gianatti, Executive Vice President Service, will guide you through the experiences and skills that allow Ansaldo Energia to position itself as a strategic player in the energetic transition. From decades of experience in hydrogen combustion to the innovative technological developments of GT36 gas turbine – ready for a CO2 free combustion – the webinar present all the tools that Ansaldo Energia makes available for a carbon-free future

Ansaldo Energia Hydrogen Day


Hydrogen is ready


Innovation in Ansaldo Energia




The sequential combustion solution


Ansaldo Energia's fleet flexibility for hydrogen challenge


Interview with our GT36 product Manager Thorsten Osterhage


Ansaldo Energia Technologies for Sustainable Energy


Ansaldo Energia and hydrogen: we are up for the challenge